Seeing red

first beet

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Last night we spent the evening listening to Italian ministers ramble on while I feverishly battled with the internet trying to buy my ticket to New York.

I succeeded in purchasing my ticket, but Prodi didn’t manage to keep his seat as Prime Minister, and the government has fallen.

Here are some details (like background, spitting in faces and fainting) but what they DON’T tell you is that while this has been on the make from the beginning, there being such a narrow majority and all, the real catalyst this time was the minister of justice. He is being investigated for criminal activities, and insisted that if the government didn’t back him completely, he would pull his party’s support. They didn’t, so he did.

So, in line with my current theme of matching political despair and grief with domestic/personal work and satisfaction, I have included a photo of the first beet seed to show its face (neck?) in my egg-carton-planters. He looks sort of skinny and weak, but I know how much strength it took to break through that seed coat and push through the dirt, and I know he isn’t even close to quitting but is rather just getting started. I want to be like that, too.

And, of course, there are cookies in the oven. With grappa, because I figured we need it.

And, surprise! I’m going to Sweden tomorrow for a week. They have a parliamentary government, too, but somehow they manage to keep it from being a joke.


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  1. alix Travis Says:

    Thank you,

    Love, mother

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