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Still here in Terno d’Isola… no Sweden for the time being.

This weekend has been mostly chores and reading, and a bunch of journaling, all combined as a sure sign that some serious inner-reflection is going on.

But inner-reflection gets boring rather quickly- I mean, goodness, how much is there really to reflect about after all? I am not that interesting. And so I began to emerge from my mulling this morning, and am feeling much more peaceful and accepting this evening. Every thing happens for a reason.

Took our regular winter Sunday stroll through town, and then Ilario stopped off at the sports center to play basketball. We attracted some local guys when we got the ball stuck on the rim- started off laughing at us (who wouldn’t?) and ended up helping. They were really nice, speaking a mix of Arabic (I think) and Italian, and one even had a cool bike he had modified himself (guaranteed to impress me). A couple started to play with Ilario, so after some photos I took off for home alone.

I am beginning to think about my balcony garden already- seeded some radishes, am pre-sprouting peas, and starting beets indoors. Spring comes so early here. The Bountiful Container is my bible, of course.

More news from my favorite NPR reporter on Italy here.


2 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. anna Says:

    the NBA will surely be knocking down your door!!!

  2. alix Travis Says:

    Dear Rachel,

    I certainly am “computer challenged” but I just figured out how to view all of your posted photos today, just now! I have really enjoyed them. I usually prefer photos with people I love in them but yours are of just lively subjects, colorful repreated patterns–makes me wish I were there to paint them.

    SP is my favorite voice on the radio. Next comes —Beardsly from Paris.

    Love, mother

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