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Board meeting

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We had Aribi’s January board meeting last night. I was all prepared for a depressing experience, as my other meetings have been, where I have gotten tangled up in the language and frustrated beyond belief with the disrespect, fatalism, and general chaos.

But a surprise was awaiting me: We have a new logo! This is the thing I was most agitating for, something that would more clearly show who Aribi is, and a way to contact us (ie our web address). Because of the murky darkness one can often wander in when speaking and listening in a second language, I didn’t even know that this idea had been received and acted upon. Thank you, Remo and thank you Gabriele of StudioCharlie. We now have a clean, clear and useful logo.

I am so surprised that out of all of that mess in October and November some really positive developments emerged. It’s given me some hope. Still no bicycle pump, but at least I am there.

If you are interested in reading or hearing more about the garbage crisis in Naples, you can check out this at NPR. Be forewarned that it’s pretty depressing, and getting worse, despite the intervention of the Italian government and now the EU.


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  1. alix Travis Says:

    Dear Rachel,

    I just wrote a lonnnng response to the garbage problem and crime and lost it. This is a briefer response just hitting the high points. You remember when we were in Greece last Xmas and the trash kept building and building. They said the landfills were full–now I wonder.

    In the 60s there was a 4-5 day garbage workers strike in NYC. The images from that were like those in the NPR article. Then I went to London where they were in a 2 week garbage strike and we could not tell it. That is when I realized that how much we have to throw away is so much of the problem and evidently plays directly into the hands of the crime families that control the collection, here and there.

    When we lived in Park Slope, the gentrified neighborhood wanted to use a park on 5th Ave. where drugs were sold. The neighborhood powers went to the managers of the dealers with their problem. “No problem”, they were told, “we’ll just move to (another corner)”. Everybody was happy and satisfied. I think the nations of the worls should wise up and legalize drug sales and use (read control and tax) and shut off the money to be made from illegal use. The huge amounts of money to be made from illegal drugs is corrupting governments everywhere!

    Love, mother

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