Not just rice

Roman temple, Brescia

Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

As mentioned yesterday, current events here are dragging me down. This post is another attempt to remind me of wonderful things that are here.

This is an hour and a half train trip from my house, in Bergamo’s lovely twin sister city, Brescia. We went after Christmas to see a big exhibition of American art, and I fell in love with the old center, with it’s castle, strange romanesque church, and narrow streets.

The whole time, Ilario kept muttering under his breath, “Bergamo is better.” There is fierce competition between the two cities, as often happens with cities that have a lot in common (Pittsburgh and Cleveland). But Brescia really is beautiful, though bigger than Bergamo, which inevitably means that it has some ugly modern parts.

Now I’m going to go find other cool things…


One Response to “Not just rice”

  1. alix Travis Says:

    I want to go next time I am in Italy.

    Love, mother

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