Happy new year!


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Ahhh, two thousand and eight…

Spent the end of the year in the mountains again, visions of this past summer overlaid with cold air, bare trees, and frozen ground. Oh, and lots of eating and drinking in a wood stove-heated room.

(Full disclosure: house was full of smoke as our friends are heavy smokers and care not a bit that we are not.)

It’s been a very good holiday for us. I’ll have pictures up on flickr soon.


3 Responses to “Happy new year!”

  1. alix Travis Says:

    Wow! Except for the smoking this location looks great. Do they own the spot or rent. I would like to paint there.

    I am happily settled in at the Art Students League. The new instructor was very exciting about the painting I did in his class. “Painterly strokes, painterly use of color, You have got it”, etc. However, all the others in his class were miserable so I am bound to look great in comparison.

    Love, mother

  2. Rachel Says:

    The house is Fabio’s family’s, from way back. The road has his family name, and is populated with extended family folks. I will try to take you there the next time you come.

  3. alix Travis Says:

    I did not know to check before. Thanks, I will check from now on. Does everybody get to see the comments from me and you?

    Love, mother

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