My own personal newspaper


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A great thing happened yesterday: the postman came with two big envelopes from my mom. I had been waiting for these for a month and a half and written them off as stolen.

The rage and frustration this caused me was enormous. Being so far from my family feels tolerable when communication of all kinds is easy and frequent. The difficulty involved in shipping presents, and the COST is all bad enough, and then to think that someone has stolen something is heart breaking and overwhelming (and there are other packages that have never arrived in so many years).

But then the postman showed up on his scooter, a young, intense guy. I shouted with joy when I saw the envelopes/packages. He said they had actually been at the post office for about a week, but I was never home when he passed by.

Then he said he could drop them by my in-laws if anything ever arrived and I wasn’t home! I was so surprised that I didn’t understand a first; it took me a moment to realize he knew who I was , and who my in-laws are and where they live. Ah, small town life! I readily agreed and thanked him. Probably all our mail will end up going over there now.

I rushed inside and opened them up. The cards mom printed for me that now I will have to use next year, two quilting books, and the stuff in the photo. Yep, newspaper clippings! The best part. Like my own private newspaper, with all the things that really interest me. If they had been stolen, can you imagine the face of the thief when he opened the envelope?


One Response to “My own personal newspaper”

  1. alix Travis Says:

    I knew immediately what the newspaper picture was. I will get off new priority mail envelopes soon, maybe tomorrow. Now that I again feel that I can use the priority mail envelopes the price is so reasonable. You do not need to feel out of touch!



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