our christmas tree

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This, for those of you who don’t know yet, is my first Christmas in Bergamo. And I don’t know what to think about my husband and the things he tells me, because it is every bit as important as at home.

Our holiday festivities started with our trip to the O bei! O bei! market in Milan, and decorating our tree, etc, as written about previously. Last week we began a round of socializing that is picking up speed and shows little sign of abating until after the new year!

This afternoon we took the train into Bergamo for another dose of city-ness (it may be small, but compared to life in Terno it’s VERY exciting, especially in the late afternoon on a Saturday). We shopped a bit for the presents we decided at the last minute we needed to buy (next year I will work on making them myself), squeezing through the crowds and maintaining a cheerful attitude that only needed bolstering once at a bar where we stopped for tea (me) and coffee (Ilario). We bought the requisite torrone (almond candy) and panetone (Italian Christmas cake), then caught the train home.

I feel perfectly ready for the holidays- I got off the Italian cards this morning, and have received confirmation that my packages arrived safely in the states. Happy happy.

Off for pizza at friends’!


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