knitting in the round

knitting in the round

Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

Rounding up the required tools for a project is not always easy here in the Bergamo area; any project usually requires several weeks of trips to various shops in various locals- remember I live in the boonies and am always hoofing it about.

BUT: I have learned to knit with four needles!

This is thanks to the internet, and all the videos available for free showing one how to do incredible things with yarn and needles.

I look a bit awkward I’m sure, all elbows and needles sticking out and yarn trailing everywhere, but I’m adjusting and have become obsessed. I neglect other things that need doing in favor of sitting for hours and knitting. There has been A LOT of basketball the last few days, to say the least.

Actually, it’s a small project, a baby-something for my friend Anu who is expecting her second in June, but it’s taking hours, because, well, as I said, I am a bit awkward. And had to start over. Maybe I will finish tonight.


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