O bei! O bei!

O bei! O bei! Ilario and fritella

Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

We took the train into Milan for some city-time. Ilario had the day off because it’s the holiday of Sant’ Ambrosio, the patron saint of Milan. So we joined about half of the population of Milan to cruise the streets and shop at two big markets- one called “O bei! O bei!” (Oh beautiful! Oh beautiful!) that’s been going on for more than 700 years, and another at the exposition center that’s a little more recent.

This photo was taken before we succumbed to the stress.

We did see some beautiful handmade things: some jewelry, clothes, ceramic, knits, wood, and felt. These brave souls were virtually overwhelmed by the booths selling junk, and each one had a small crowd at it- they were like roses in garden of weeds. I took photos of the felt booth, which are in the flickr box.

Oh, and while we were waiting in the morning for the train to Milan, there was a serious CROWD of mothers with small children getting on the train to Bergamo to visit Santa Lucia…


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