What I really do at night

first “dishcloth”

Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

The big secret is that I am becoming a basketball addict.

It started out just being a space in time in which I could steadily knit, uninterrupted, with company. That company being Ilario, not the basketball teams. I don’t really like to knit alone, weird as that may sound. I sometimes listen to National Public Radio and Democracy Now (or more accurately, sometimes I knit while I listen because in actual fact I listen to the radio almost constantly, but I’m not always knitting). But then I discovered that Ilario would sit with me if we watched a game.

And the other night, when he declared himself sick of basketball, I watched a game ALONE!

This was so shocking that I took a break last night.

But I finished the above dishcloth (which is actually the second I’ve made, but the first of which I took a photo of. I’m part of a group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MonthlyDishcloths/) and am itching to work on a sweater I started in October, so we’re on again tonight…


2 Responses to “What I really do at night”

  1. Alix H. Travis Says:

    Are you serious! There really is such a website? That is the fanciest dishcloth I have ever seen.

    Love, mother

  2. Rachel Says:

    Well, it doesn’t look so fancy now that I have used it and it’s stained with tumeric! It turned bright pink, and now has faded to yellow.

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