Nowhere to go but up


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As yesterday was obviously rock bottom, today had nowhere to go but up.

I managed a couple of lessons, and also handled the labor-intensive process of making these mobiles with many children (I did have help after the first round, as one of the children largely took over.). They are beautiful, maybe ten in the classroom. If anyone ever wants to make mobiles like this, I suggest choosing a simpler three-dimensional origami shape, VERY thin wire, and some kind of floss other than fishing line, which has a mind of its own and is slippery to boot.

Last night after my depressing blog, I sat down and tried to figure out what to do with this miserable situation. My new friend Miguel arrived around 5, and we ended up talking for maybe 45 minutes. Do I need to explain how much talking to a sane person can change your perspective, your outlook on life as it is at that moment? After laughing a lot, and talking about things other than school, I went home a different woman.

Plus he checked out the train ticket situation for me and thank goodness because there are no more tickets on the two trains I had thought to take! Never even occurred to me. I will have to leave early tomorrow.


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