Uninspiring photographs


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I know this is a really uninspiring photograph, but my choices were either this or a child working with the checkerboard on a REALLY cluttered table top. I chose the more positive of the two, though “positive” may be an exaggeration. I am positively down, really down.

Maybe it’s not circumstance, maybe it’s not the enormous problem of langauge, maybe it’s me- I am an inaffective teacher. Uninspiring, like my photos. Blah.

Who cares if one child is totally pumped about making models of atoms and understands what he’s doing? He understood before I came along, I just told him to rub some wool together to make a ball that we can imagine is a proton. And there are at least four others I can’t even do that much for.

AND I didn’t have all the information I needed for my application for a fiscal code.

AND I’m homesick.


3 Responses to “Uninspiring photographs”

  1. Alix H. Travis Says:

    Dearest Rachel,

    I imagine your unsuccessful day Wed. was because of all the things you suggested and more. All teachers have days where lesson plans don’t work out. One learns from experience and that’s why experienced teachers are often sooooo much better. They have the little quirks down pat (don’t ever use that awful plastic fishing line!, etc.). You too, will get there sometime. That is also why blogs from teachers, you, are so great. Another teacher doesn’t have to talk to you face-to-face; you are sharing with people you don’t know. It has got to be nothing but good.

    Love, mother

  2. Alix H. Travis Says:

    Dear Rachel,

    I remember Brennan making a model of an atom out of a box. I remember her working “in” a box so could it have been the inside of an atom? I think it was high school physics or chemistry or wherever she studied atoms.


  3. Rachel Says:

    Thanks, Mom. You are the best.

    Maybe she was making the nucleus of the atom? That’s essentially what my kids are doing, making protons and neutrons and then sewing them together. Lastly, they attach the small electrons with embroidery thread. The whole thing (protons, neutrons and electrons) is the atom.

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