What teaching does to you…

2007 November 00000Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

Actually this isn´t me (it’s my friend next door in the Infant Community), and actually I had a really relaxed day. Better than yesterday, which went like this:

1. Up at 4.30

2. Turned away from security because my Italian id is not adequate for my “check and go” checkin that I did online, despite what the Ryanair website said.

3. After some chaos I check in with my passport and fly to Frankfurt, where my plans of taking the train into the city to take the edge off my 8 hour layover are thwarted by the fact that I am not at the main airport, but rather one that is an hour and a half away from the city.

4. Talk to Ryanair folks who tell me my Italian id is just fine and I don’t need to check-in all over again as in Italy. Hmmmm…

5. Spend twenty euros on the International Herald Tribune, Martha Stewart Living Magazine and Bust magazine (these are not really the odd combination that they might at first seem… )

6. Read for 7 hours, with a small break to eat a sandwhich.

7. Fly to Gothenburg, get picked up by Jenny Marie’s saintly son, who drives me an hour and a half to my apartment.

A great day, really. Why am I doing this, again?


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