dentists and acrobats

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Yesterday evening we went to the dentist. Fabulous. They cleaned my teeth for an hour, admonished me for drinking tea, which was staining my teeth, and told me I have to brush my teeth in a particular way or my gums are going to receed into nothingness. I am so happy to have shining white teeth again I can hardly stand it- it’s been I think 5 years or more since the last time I went and had anything done.

We finished so late that we decided to stop at a kebab place for dinner. I have wanted to try the one on Castagnate, near Ilario’s parents’ place, since it opened maybe a year and a half, two years ago. So we went. Turns out the owner is a retired acrobat, and he and his brothers used to travel around the world.

For two years they worked with Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, traveling in the States! They were in New York when my family was living in Brooklyn. He has wonderful photos up all over the shop, some with Mr. T and Hulk Hogan, and lots of him and his brothers doing crazy acrobat-strongman-things. He told me they worked in Italy at Gardaland for many years, and he met his wife there, who is from Terno. So of course they settled here, and now he and his brothers have the kebab shop. Such a crazy world.


One Response to “dentists and acrobats”

  1. blueseaglass Says:

    I had a very strange encounter on a train with a clown from B&B Circus. The world is very wierd.

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