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I am working from home these weeks that I am in Italy- I am reading albums for the students taking the Montessori elementary training course. Today was my first real day, and I’ve enjoyed it. During my breaks I can do house-y things like make dinner ahead of time, dust… and clean the oven.

I was surprised that Ilario bought some serious cleaning chemicals while I was gone- for more than two years we have mostly used vinegar, soap and water, with a couple of exceptions. I told him I thought those things were unneccessary and dangerous. So when he later pointed out that we should clean the oven because it had become disgusting, I felt like I needed to make a point.

I found a ton of recipes on the internet, all relatively similar except that some called for “washing soda”, which I don’t even know in English, let alone Italian. I opted for one that just used soap, water, baking soda and salt.

I sprayed the oven with soapy water, then sprinkled a mixture of one part salt to three parts baking soda all over the oven. Sprayed again to wet the powder, and let it sit for a few hours. Then I scrubbed it all off with a scrubby sponge, and wiped the whole thing clean!

I did this after I had baked something in the oven, so it was hot (which was exciting when I sprayed the soapy water). I dont really know if the salt or soap are neccessary- several recipes just used the baking soda. It was easier to get the powder/paste on the horizontal surfaces, and they therefore got cleaner as well. Next time I think I will use a cold oven and spread already wet paste on the sides and back.

But really it worked well, and took me about 15 minutes to scrub and wipe clean.

After I finish the chemicals Ilario bought, and the few exceptions I noted above, I am making the conversion to baking soda for everything. It’s amazing.


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