the desire for fresh orange juice


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I create so many rules, or at least objectives that what should be basic, routine activities frequently become very complex. Take this morning for example: the house was in need of groceries, so at breakfast we discussed what should go on the list. Ilario mentioned orange juice, and that’s when things started to get complicated. Because, you see, we are trying to reduce the packaging we purchase, and especially the non-recyclable packaging. And orange juice only comes here in these terrible tetra-pack-type-things that must be thrown away. I have stopped drinking juice altogether because of this, but Ilario hasn’t and honestly I miss it. So I decided, inspired by my friend Britta in Sweden, to try making fresh juice every morning. Oranges, I figure, come from Italy or Spain, and if they arent processed and packaged than probably I can feel ok about them.

Are you still with me? Because here’s where it degenerated into a simple and straightforward idea to involved effort- we didn’t have a juicer (I don’t mean one of those fancy electric ones, but just a basic hand thing, like that you use to get lemon juice when baking). I debated where to go- none of the small groceries here in town have kitchen things, and I didn’t want to shop at the big supermarkets because I hate them (that’s a whole ‘nother complicated story). So I decided to go to the weekly market three towns away. I would have to take the car, but at least it would be small businesses. And I decided to invite my mother in law, who likes these sort of things.

The trip was delayed so she could prepare lunch to be ready on time when she returned, and by 11 am we were off. At the market I immediately found what I wanted (alas, in plastic), but then there were all the other booths to look at… so I found yarn for a knitting project (the granny squares are making me sick), and then, at the very very very end, so much so we almost didn’t walk that last bit because we were sick of the market, I found……


Yes, folks, it’s true, after more than two years of desire and looking, I found a local producer who can supply me through the winter with apples, squash, potatoes, onions, garlic and other things the rest of the year. I was so happy I nearly cried, and I had so many questions I think I probably freaked them out. This is really very exciting, and it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been trying to not buy orange juice. Funny. But I still haven’t gone grocery shopping…


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