Rainy Sunday morning bike ride

Rainy Sunday morning bike ride

Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

Beaches are so amazing. I am living on one, whose particularities I am coming to know and appreciate. This morning I rode my bike around in the rain and wind, and ended up at another ebach, not far away at all, but completely different! Because of the wind storm we had yesterday, it was completely covered in a thick (at least 6-10 inches, if I had to hazard a guess) myriad of colorful seaweeds, and the shells are of a type I never find by my house. Lovely.

I have found and printed many statistics of Sweden’s geography, trade, agriculture and fishing that I am going to use to make my long bead frame word problems- I need BIG numbers and I found them. I haven’t yet figured how I will make the multiplication problems, but I’ll get to it.


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