Felt and Physics


Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

These might seem to be tiny balls of felt, but really the white ones are protons and the red one is an electron.

That’s right, folks, we are making atoms, elements, continuing my not-so-successful-creation-of-the-universe-for-upper-elementary-story with some very exciting felt-making posing as physics. Super cool. Tommorrow we will turn these lovely balls into the element Hydrogen, and there will be a concise and fascinating story of Hyrdogen to go with it (that I have to write now).

Somehow today things worked out so that I had time to give more than three lessons to each of my oldest children (all girls).  As I have been worried about not giving them enough, this felt good, and relieves some of my anxiety regarding their intellectual stimulation in a class where I must so often ask them to help me with the younger ones.

Staff meeting today… I won’t understand a word, and will plead off after I eat some food.


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