I could mislead you…

Timeline of Life

Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

Everyone worked so hard today- Just look at this photo of these three little guys, studiously laboring away over the blank Timeline of Life, passionately involved, after having been inspired by Fredrick’s story last week…

That’s the thing about photos: they can be very misleading. These guys were all over the place this morning. I ordered them to turn around and pretend to work so I could take a photo. I won’t even tell you how we convinced them to finish the work, nor how I ended up doing most of- never mind.

It was a good day, but that’s probably because I choose to think of it as a good day, not because of the number of great things that happened, nor the smoothness with which everything was accomplished.

I am sick, but managed to have a good day… hmmm… must be coming up on the six week mark, oh so important for the children as a society and Rachel as a teacher.


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