A day of work

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All it takes is enormous effort in the area of orginization and lessons. We are doing functions of words, and started with the noun yesterday. I love how much fun it is with the older kids- I wasn’t sure, but after I spent most of the day walking around and teaching with a piece of paper labeled “head” taped to my forehead, and the children had labeled the ceiling, lights and outside of the building several times, I figured it was a success.

I also did the wooden hierarchical material with three new students who have never been in Montessori (two ten year olds, and one nine year old.). They went beserk, and were so excited by the million they could barely contain themselves and were constantly touching it, and wrapping their arms around it.

The language barrier is so huge, and makes everything less effective. There are several children who can’t read and do basic math, and helping them is a real challenge for me… I had to ask Fredrick to write down the names of the hierachies in Swedish for me, and ask other children to pronounce them during the presentation. Mostly they are patient with me, probably more patient than I am with myself, and I am grateful for that.

Jenny Marie’s daughter Astrid translates for me frequently, and I know that isn’t easy, and I am grateful for her patience and work as well.

If we weren’t in a Montessori classroom, it would be impossible. The materials help a lot, the movement involved in many works helps a lot. So I am grateful for those as well.

In fact, I have so much to be grateful for that I feel overwhelmed, and i can feel the loneliness creeping in, so I’m going back to work.


2 Responses to “A day of work”

  1. Alix H. Travis Says:

    I have finally found you again; I am having trouble remembering the address of the blog and must go back into your emails.

    I loved the older children, except for the discipline problems that went with them. I am interested that a few of these children cannot read or do simple math. At this stage in US they would be identified as 2 years behind and be getting special educ. help (occasionally good; most often dismal). Where did these children come from; what is being done for them? I loved your word lines!! Love, mother

  2. Rachel Says:

    If I understand correctly, there is assistance available, but only if the child is within the system, meaning enrolled at a public school. As these children are the ones coming from the public system this year, I think one can say that the system was not working as it should. As for what we will do for them, that remains to be seen.

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