Second week of school

Bike tripOriginally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

It went well. Well, Monday sort of ended badly, with track and field in the pouring rain, and me in a skirt and sandels, thinking at any moment we were bound to go in, it was raining so hard, and then Fredrick turning to me and saying, “Welcome to Sweden.” I thought I was going to die. My raincoat kept the top part of me dry for about ten minutes, and then you could just see the fabric giving up, starting at the cuffs and moving quickly up my arms and down my shoulders to my torso…

But enough about that! We went on an overnight bike ride on Tuesday- biked three hours to a lake where the kids just roamed around and played until dinner round a campfire of hotdogs and smores. We all slept in a round army tent, “slept” being an inaccurate word, really, because the oldest girls kept us up forever, and periodically a swarm of mixed-gender (including me occasionally) would climb over Fredrick (poor man had the place by the door) to head to the toilet, giggling, of course. The next day I was a bit fuzzy around the edges, and very quiet. It was great.

I started my first week without Jenny Marie today and it went well. I am suffering from loneliness something terrible, but I have a stack of books to read, and loads of work to do, so I pretend everything is ok. And it is, I suppose.


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