First week of school

weaving project, part 2

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So the first week went really well. After the first day, the giggles lessened and attempts to communicate increased, though some are very hesitant to use what they have. In addition to swimming in a daily sea of the native language, I have weathered a two and a half hour parent meeting in Swedish, and managed to keep from yawning until the last half hour, but my eyes glazed over after the first… so its been challenging linguistically.

Part one of the weaving project involved reading a story from Africa about a man learning to weave with vines from watching a spider, looking at the Montessori Timeline of Human Beings to identify when people began wearing clothes, and then why they may have needed to learn to weave baskets (development of agriculture and accumulation of possessions), then going outside to collect likely materials for weaving, and completely unknowledgable attempts to weave back at the school… went well, and the school ended up decorated with bits of twisted, if not exacly woven, bits of willow and grass hanging from door frames.

Part two involved talking about the development of string (I need to improve this part), and finger weaving friendship bracelets, which was way harder than I thought it would be. No one so far has wanted to do a second one! It prepares well, I think, for what I hope will eb part three, making a warp-weighted loom, because its so obvious that it would be easier if there was some was a difference between warp and weft, and a way to keep the warp fixed. I’ll let you know how that goes.


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