Fossil of ?!?!

fossil from the trail to Mount Grem

Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

The best part of the weekend was finding this fossil on the trail Saturday morning. I really didn’t want to go hiking at all- I’m seriously pooped in this area and wanted to spend the day propped up somewhere either knitting or reading about knitting. I was bullied into going, and ended up stumbling upon this. I was immediately seized with a greedy possesive feeling, craddling it and crooning and exclaiming over how lucky I was. It’s kind of big, though, and so I decided to set it aside and pick it up on the way back down… which led to all kinds of anxiety for the rest of the walk, but it ended up safely (or not so safely, depending on your point of view) in my bag and now in our apartment on the balcony. I won’t go into detail about the soaking of it in hot water, scrubbing it with a toothbrush…

I have two ideas of what it might be: some kind of horsetail, or a sea lilly. We are talking two seriously different time periods and my ideas are kind of wild guesses, so anyone else know?

The rest of the time I whiled away the hours with my needles and yarn, hanging around the church (which is the best place to sit), eating ice cream, hanging out with the Zambla crew (which consists entirely of ladies, apart fom Ilario and his dad), and watching “Columbo,” “Jurassic Park 3,” and “Gone With the Wind,” on tv. Not bad overall.


One Response to “Fossil of ?!?!”

  1. Alix H. Travis Says:


    I have to say I am horrified that you took the fossil from its place. “Take with you only memories and leave only footprints.” At least have you recorded just where you found it in case that info becomes important some day?

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