new knitting project

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Lots of rage today regarding our apartment building and the administrator and the differing values of our neighbors… so it turns out I’m glad to head off again this evening.

List for the weekend:
clothes, of course!
pyjamas (forgot them last time)
“Faster: the acceleration of just about everything”
“Mary Thomas’s Knitting Book”
“The Redundancy of Courage”
“Guida Practica all’Ornithologia” (Bird guide I just bought two weeks ago)
crochet project
new knitting project (yey!)
digital camera
empty egg container
empty wine bottles used for spring water
Francesco’s carved walking stick (a gift for my dad, but he wants to show it off a bit)
Anna’s filet crochet thread (she is making angel)
cloth hankies
tooth brush
sun block
sun hat (because I burn even with the block)
mp3s to play on our new car radio

i think that’s it…


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