Crocheting in the mountains

Rachel crocheting

Originally uploaded by nonsonoitaliana

The summer I turned 15, I spent two weeks working with a volunteer trail crew in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Not long after I decided the good life would include hiking in mountains on a regular basis.

So count that goal of mine accomplished- we have been hiking so much that I am finally satiated, maybe for the first time in my life. I am perhaps also close to my limit of crochet-ability. I’ve got to hang in there for another weekend, as we are headed out tomorrow to stay with my in-laws again for two days.

I am nearing the end of my summer vacation. On the 11th we fly to Sweden, and on the 13th I begin work. Ilario will be with me for the first week, and then I am on my own… for six weeks. I am trying to cover up my anxiety with project-planning. Some books I ordered from Amazon UK (I can avoid the terribly troublesome Italian customs by ordering within the EU) arrived today and I am full of plans for my physics-chemistry and weaving projects… more on those another time.

I am feeling really homesick. Awfully homesick. Then I talked to my neighbor who told me he is going home to Africa (he didn’t say which country) this month for the first time in 2 years… he looked like he might cry at one point while we chatted, so I’ve told myself to buck up and be grateful. And I am.


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