We spent the weekend at Zambla Alta, and it was great- I woke up earlier than everyone else and sat out on the tiny balcony, watching the town wake up. That’s a fruit and veg truck parked in the photo. It was about 15 degress Celsius cooler up there and I miss it as we bake in the heat here again. We hiked along the Sentiero dei Fiori, which is a path that follows the high edge of a valley, and as the cows and sheep don’t graze there, its filled with wild flowers this time of year.


Not that you can see any in this photo, but really there were a lot, and they say there are even more earlier in the month.

Monday was my thirtieth birthday, and despite a fair amount of angst leading up to it, it passed well and cheerfully. I spent most of the day working on a physics project for the class of 9-12 year olds I will have next year in Sweden, and talking on the phone to my sister and dad. If anyone knows of music somehow related to physics, astronomy and chemistry, please let me know…


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