I read somewhere that the first two years of a marriage are when couples establish their routines together, what life will be like… We definitely have established quite a rhythm, but of course it remains to be seen what, if any of it, remains past our two year mark in September.

The weekends have developed their own rhythm: Saturdays I make something “American” for breakfast, we clean the house, eat with Ilario’s parents two or three times a month, run errands, lie around until dinner or going out. Sunday is reserved for hiking, biking, or otherwise doing something cool, and then Ilario makes pizza for dinner and we watch a movie.

Saturdays can end up being kind of exhausting. The list of things to do in the house is long, and the possibility of doing errands any other day impossible: almost every business is closed Sunday. So it all ends up crammed together on Saturday.

Cleaning is serious business here. I mean, I grew up helping to clean the house on Saturdays before I could go out, but I never really took that to heart as an adult. Cleaning was something I dreaded, was even kind of opposed to on principles of time and energy, maybe even morals. But one can’t just sit back and watch while one’s husband sweeps, mops and dusts the whole house, methodically putting away all of one’s loose things about, etc etc, so I have adapted myself, and embraced this part of my week. I try to think of cleaning as a kind of layman’s yoga- all that bending and stretching. And I do feel peaceful afterwards.

Generally the work of the house is divided evenly between us, kind of a complementary arrangement, ie I cook and he cleans the kitchen. Except: I do all of the laundry. And laundry is a big process here because we don’t have a dryer (like most folks here, we use various modern versions of the clothesline). If its hot like it is now, I can get it all done in one full day. Right now the last load is roasting out on the balcony.

I absolutely refuse to iron, the national past time of Italian women. Those of you who have dryers and permanant press may think little of this decision, but let me tell, clothes that come off the line are big time stiff and wrinkly. I shake them a bit, smooth them some, fold them carefully and put them away. I HATE ironing.

Since I am on vacation I have have moved cleaning day to Friday, and do it all myself. Well, not completely by myself; I am accompanied first by All Things Considered, then the Democracy Report, and if I haven’t finished yet then I can move on to Fresh Air (I like to save Morning Edition for while I cook dinner.).

Today was hard, though, because what I really wanted to do was work on this:


Yep, I have moved on from the quilt to a granny square blanket. Granny squares are so good because you get the sense of satisfaction of having finished something very frequently.

We are off to stay with Ilario’s parents in the mountains for two days- it should be a lot cooler there.


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