Aunt Eduina

Today Ilario’s aunt Eduina came by on her bike with green beans and tomatoes.


She is fabulous- an older, feminine version of my father-in-law, Francesco: always busy busy busy with one thing or another. While Francesco is pretty quiet, Eduina talks constantly and is a wonderful storyteller. For the last three years, we have all had Easter lunch together- she chooses us so that her daughters can’t fight over who gets to have her over. This year she told me stories about their life during World War II, and just after. She was about ten, and remembered a lot about the family osteria, and how their father was a card-carrying member of every political organization he could be, and this saved his life when just after the war the partigiani came to kill him (he had gotten the license for the restaurant at a time when no one could do anything that wasn’t a member of the Fascist party… reminds me of the Bathist party in Iraq). They came at night, and broke into the house, and went into the bedroom where all the children were, looking for him. When they found him in the other bedroom, he convinced them to let him get his wallet and show them his Communist party card. So they went and killed someone else instead…

Eduina lives a couple blocks away, so I run into her all the time. She rides her bike to the cemetary every day, and grows flowers in her garden especially for the graves of her husband and mother. She also takes the train every other week to visit one of her daughters who lives a couple stops away.

Yesterday I finished the quilt top.


A question: what is wrong with these corn plants?



They seem to have their male and female parts mixed up… there are a bunch like that in this one field and I find it sort of disturbing, ignorant as I am to the implications.


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